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Welcome to my website. I’m glad to have you aboard to share my experiences and love for the art of watercolor. I hope you enjoy the content presented on these pages.  If anyone has questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to contact me at

- Frank Francese

Who is Frank Francese?


“He’s just an ol' guy from Colorado that really enjoys painting!" Frank Francese, 2018.

After experimenting with several artistic mediums, Frank got his start in watercolors in 1969 while attending Mesa College in Grand Junction, Colorado. A significant step on the road to notoriety came in 1998 when one of his paintings was purchased by a Donor of the Denver Art Museum and presented to that organization. The painting remains a permanent part of the Denver Art Museum’s contemporary art collection.

Frank has conducted workshops for the past thirty plus years all across America as well as on two other continents.  

Frank Francese watercolor workshops have been attended by students in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Holland, Belgium and Ireland.

The artist has been published in several professional magazines over his career, including Artist Magazine, Watercolor Artist (formerly known as Watercolor Magic) and Splash V.  His images have earned more than fifty awards in state, national and international competitions.

Francese is a signature member of the following organizations and societies:  National Watercolor Society; Transparent Watercolor Society of America {Master Status}; Watercolor West; Western Federation Watercolor Society; San Diego Watercolor Society and Colorado Watercolor Society.


A Frank Francese watercolor painting of a lighthouse on a seaside cliff (with clouds and trees).

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A screenshot of a Frank Francese Watercolor video on Youtube.

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Frank says about this website...

The content presented on these pages has changed significantly from the previous version of this website, both in content and detail. Looking through the pages, here’s what you will find: The “Dry Creek Studio” page contains items of interest to me (and hopefully to you!) about my preferred style, how to use sketching as a blue print for your watercolor creations and some interesting information regarding new techniques and material with which I am experimenting.


The “Sketching” page is a detailed narrative of how I employ sketching in my work as a watercolor artist.  The art of sketching is, in reality, a blue print for the watercolor image artists of all skill levels endeavor to create.  I am a strong advocate for the use of sketching and always employ it when I paint a watercolor image and consistently urge students to do the same.


The “Workshops” page includes information describing ‘how’ I conduct my workshops as well as a detailed schedule.  For the new year I have chosen to simplify the methods and curriculum which I’ve employed in my workshops for most of the past three decades.  I hope attendees will find my new approach interesting, less structured and more ‘relaxing’ than the format I’ve used in the past.  The page also includes a list of the workshops I will be conducting over the coming twelve to eighteen months.  This information will be updated and amended as events are added or changed.  Additional information about the venue, the sponsors and the surrounding area is also included on that page.

International Art

Over the years I have had the privilege and experience of conducting workshops in several foreign countries on three continents.  The “International Art” page contains narratives of personal experiences and items of interest which I have accumulated during the past two decades of international travel.  I hope you will find these stories interesting as well and maybe even entice you to take a trip to study and paint scenes in unfamiliar lands.


The “Gallery” page contains twelve to fifteen images of the various scenes I enjoy painting and are often representative of those which I use in the course of conducting my workshops.  Additional information about the images on that page as well as other samples of my work can be obtained by contacting me directly via email   

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