The New Frank Francese Workshop

Starting in 2018 I intend to cut back on the number of workshops I will teach each year. I am also planning to change up the format I’ve used in the past years and attempt to tailor each workshop more to the points of interest at the venue in which the workshop is being held. 

My workshops traditionally focus on these five basic subject matters or scenes; nature, country, city, beaches and nature’s moods. While I will continue to use those five genres, they will not be given equal attention as I have done in the past. My new approach will focus on the areas of interest which exist in and around the venue (location) of the workshop.

By way of examples:  If the workshop is being conducted in Colorado, I will concentrate on the beauty of the high country; in New England, perhaps its change of seasons. If the workshop is being held in a coastal city of say, California, I will concentrate on beach and city scenes with a possible foray into a national park such as Yosemite to provide relevant subject matter. If the workshop is being held in middle America, rural scenes will likely be the prominent focus.

Nature’s moods are everywhere, but the violent summer thunderstorm of America’s plains is different than the coastal shower along our ocean beaches.  Once again, the venue will drive the focus of workshop and should provide an exciting, new approach for my teaching efforts.

Multi-media instruction

This year I will also be getting into the use of multi-water media. As mentioned in the Dry Creek Studio page, I have been experimenting with the use of acrylic paint as a base and then applying transparent watercolors on top of the acrylic base. I have then ‘finished’ the image, adding detail using opaque (gouache) paints. The results have been quite exciting.

The combination of the three mediums opens a whole new world to the watercolor artist. You might say that I’ve had my “Eureka” moment, discovering that there is a whole new world outside that of pure transparent watercolor art.

Classroom Flow

My workshops generally hold to a seven-hour day (depending on the requirements of the venue/sponsor). I will begin the class at about 9:00AM with my first demonstration of the day followed by a period for attendees to paint their first image.  Following lunch (@12:30PM) I will complete a second demonstration followed by a working period and a group critique at about 3:00 PM.

Using the new format, the class will no longer be ‘tied’ to a strict schedule allowing us to spend more (or less) time on one particular subject, driven in part by the interests of the class. This schedule will hold for both the three and five-day workshops. 

Required materials

Here are some recommendations/requirements for materials you will want to have on hand for use at the workshop. 

* Paint:

For transparent water colors I use twenty five colors by American Journey.  Feel free to choose your own colors.  Any professional brand of paint will be fine but stay away from student quality paint. I use American Journey Acrylics, large tubes.  M. Graham Artist’s gouache rounds out the paint requirements.

* Brushes:

I use a different set of brushes for each medium as they will be affected differently by the type of paint.  For the transparent water color I use Miller Pseudo Squirrel brushes.  I use #6, #8 & #12 round brushes and ¾, 1 ½ flat brushes by Silver Black Velvet.  Any professional brand is acceptable for the 2 inch flat.  For the acrylics I use a white nylon #16 (1 ½ inch) and an American Interlock 1 ¼ brush.  You will want a second set of these brushes for the gouache medium as well

* Paper:

For transparent water color work I use Arches Natural White Rough, 140 pound, 22 x 30 inches (Arches Cold Press paper is also fine).  For the acrylic medium any 300 pound professional paper will do.  American Journey hard bound sketch books work fine as does Velum #67 paper.  (Whatever you use at home is totally acceptable.)​

The Event: Colorado Landscapes

The Date: 18-20 September 2020

Frank Francese Workshop

Contact Info: 303-798-1345

Event Details

The Date: 18-20 September 2020

Frank Francese Workshop

The Sponsor: Judy Patti Studios
The Venue:     Judy Patti Studios

                        5849 South Broadway,

                        Littleton, Colorado  80121

Contact Info: 303-798-1345

Notes from your Instructor

I always look forward to going back to Judy’s place to conduct watercolor workshops. If my memory serves me correctly, this should be the twenty sixth year I’ve held a class at the Judi Patti Studio in Littleton, Colorado. The Judy Patti Studio is, in reality, a ‘full-service art center. In addition to hosting workshops for visiting artists such as myself, Judi instructs multi-media classes on a weekly basis and maintains an extensive inventory of art supplies for artists of all skill levels. She also does custom framing for the art you may have created in one of her workshops or other images you might wish to have professionally framed for display at home or your place of business.                                                                                                                                   


This workshop will focus exclusively on” Colorado” landscapes. Our mountains and rural outdoor scenes will provide the inspiration for the weekend workshop. Colorado scenes have always been my forte and my ‘go to’ subject matter so I’m looking forward to this event. I hope to see many of you web site viewers there this fall.

Judi maintains a web site at which includes additional information about her class and workshop schedules as well as contact information concerning the Studio events. Contact information is also included in the “Schedule’ page of this website.                                                                                                                                     


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